Ludum Dare 46: Tumbleweed

“Tumbleweed” by Rémi Lefevre, Kim Tervamaki, Yohan Jager, Nicolas Meyssonnier, Reece Bridger & Adrien Lucas.

“[A] poetical game about the life of a desert plant who needs help to spread its seeds. The game takes place in a [science fiction] desert forged by wind. You play as the wind and must help [the] tumbleweed to make it’s way through dangers.”

As act as the incarnate wind in “Tumbleweed”, you have only one goal: To guide the eponymous desert plant on its journey through the dangerous solitude. The whole area seems to be abandoned for ages already, but still some turrets are activated and attack anything that moves in their direct sight. The heated-up warmth thermal output tubes are also not exactly a friend of dry brambles, so you better watch out.

However, with your direct control of the wind you are able to create little squalls, which will lead to a manipulation of the path the tumbleweed follows. It also allows you to build bridges for the plant, if there are some lightweight platforms around! The whole gameplay feels very soft in this regard, making “Tumbleweed” a nearly meditative jam entry. A series of small poems, which is the narrational foundation of the game and written through the eyes of the wind itself, also underlines the atmosphere.

But do not let these features trick you: “Tumbleweed” can still be pretty tricky at some stages! Sometimes you will need to perform very precise movements to get from one plateau to another, while at other moments all the game cares about is your movement speed. But those little tribulations are worth it, as the journey will end in an unexpected way. Find it out for yourself! >>PLAY