Ludum Dare 46: up in the sky

“up in the sky” by stuffed wombat.

“up in the sky” is a short physics platformer game, where you play as a plant looking for water in a dry world. The search turns out to be difficult, as not one droplet can be found. The flower is pretty smart though: It learned to conserve water by suppressing its own growth. It also figured out how to move itself, and now it is on you to move it from one level to another to finally find the desired aquatic resource.

The gameplay of “up in the sky” feels very fluid thanks to the control scheme; by pointing the cursor to a specific location and pressing the left mouse button, the flower will move into this direction. However, when it reached its final length, it cannot grow anymore, which opens up the possibility to fall down into the abyss. In such cases a good sense for timing and momentum is needed to progress successfully.

In the last couple of levels new platformer elements occur, which give “up in the sky” a whole new spin. Circular shapes shoot out sticky strings, whenever the plant comes very near to them. They can be used to either ‘freeze’ our uncommon floristic friend right in the air or to use it as a swing. [PLAY]