Ludum Dare 46: Volty’s Quest

“Volty’s Quest” by Casey MacNeil, Dalton Leavey & Connor Grail.

“[You are] Volty, a little battery [that has] been lost down the sink. Chargers will keep Volty alive, but you will have to use his power to control things in the world. Watch out for water, and puzzle platform your way to freedom!”

“Volty’s Quest” has everything that you can look for in a puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 46: A perfectly pitched amount of time pressure, an entertaining level design, breakable glass platforms and even cannonballs. You play as the sentient battery Volty, which wants to leave the sewers as fast as possible. That is no surprise at all, as the whole moisture quickly depletes the energy of our little hero.

While in each new stage Volty starts with a completely recharged energy bar, it already starts to shrink after his first move; even when Volty just idles around afterwards. That is easy to explain, as you can find a charging station in the beginning of each level. Those platforms are rare, so you better use them when you are unsure how to solve one puzzle quickly. Naturally, the premise of “Volty’s Quest” makes it a pretty short game, as the players have to rush through each of the ten stages. That is not bad at all, as that makes it also a great speedrunning challenge. So grab this cute platformer with its retro pixel art and help a battery to escape the world of pipes, leaks and unbearable smells. [PLAY]