Ludum Dare 47: Caterpillar Cowboy

“Caterpillar Cowboy” by Foxdog Studios (Lloyd Henning & Peter Sutton) & Alex Marczak.

“Wrap your caterpillar body around all the critters that have gotten loose at the ranch, and watch out for the law.”

With a simple core concept, a satisfying movement scheme as well as its incredibly silly and fun background song plus audio comments, “Caterpillar Cowboy” is an absolute blast to play. This criminal insect must grow into a massive creature by wrapping its body around other animals and inanimate objects. Thanks to this consumption, the former farmlands which were filled with chicken and cacti turn into emptied deserts, but paths to new areas open only this way. Go ahead and give it a shot, as it truly is a comedy game with an – in the best sense of the word – absurd premise. [PLAY]