Ludum Dare 47: Rad Boar Rewind

“Rad Boar Rewind” by Alex RoseJoão Dias & John Pennington.

“In space, trapped in a [time loop], Rad Boar must fill in for Rude Bear and find the Pink Ore, the most powerful substance in the universe, rescuing it from a spaceship trapped in a [ten] second loop.”

While a bunch of submissions for the forty-seventh Ludum Dare worked with a cloning mechanic, for me the best implementation of that idea could be found in “Rad Boar Rewind”. Basically, it is a puzzle platformer game, just without the platforms that you would need to solve each room. However, by creating ‘copies’ of yourself that only appear up to ten seconds and placing them at the right spots, you can build your own escape routes.

Of course, that is not all that “Rad Boar Rewind” has to offer, as some of the riddles are more based on timing and exploration. For example, to get through one more complex stage, you must decide when which ‘clone’ should press which button to open or close a hatch, or otherwise hundreds of bullets will make a perforated roast pork out of the protagonist. Thanks to the possibility of restarting right after a checkpoint without any ‘clones’, it is not that difficult to work out the right order. [PLAY]