Ludum Dare 47: Ribbon

“Ribbon” by Chris Siebert.

“[You have] become trapped in a loop of ribbon! Luckily, [you are] still going to be able to move the ribbon if you can cut it in half. Using a rather powerful pair of scissors should do the trick!”

“Ribbon” is a super short jam game, but the two minutes I spent with it felt just absolutely joyful! You control a little two-dimensional figure, who can only move around inside their ‘prison’, which is a loop of ribbon. Thankfully, magical scissors are also lying around: With the tool’s help the former circular, static structure becomes a mobile and even floating stripe! Now the character can freely roam the environment and find other miniature worlds that are hiding in already cut open ribbons – or, to be more precise, one world.

Like I said, this jam entry is more a proof of concept than anything else right now, but it does an amazing job as a prototype. You can just feel all the potential that it has. Playing it makes you wish there would be more puzzles to solve, more worlds to discover, more tricks and mechanics to figure out. But even in its actual state, “Ribbon” made me smile. The moment when it transits from the ‘two’-dimensional to three-dimensional visuals just hit the spot for me, and so did the offbeat background music in combination with the art style. [PLAY]