Ludum Dare 47: Splines ‘n Shapes

“Splines ‘n Shapes” by SharkWithLasers.

“Adjust the loop to get all the shapes in this abstract puzzle game[.]”

When you take a look behind the minimalist graphics and modest sound design of “Splines ‘n Shapes”, you will find a complex, but also very satisfying puzzle game. The core concept is actually pretty simple: By dragging knots around, you can manipulate single sections of a loop to an extent. Your loop is used as a ‘road’ by a circle, so it will always trace it. However, the circle is not the only shape that you will see, as there are also triangles, squares, pentagons and so on. Those are static, so they will stay right where they are. Now it is your goal to adjust the loop in such a way that the circle runs right through each static shape element.

Unfortunately, you cannot decide in which order, as the forms with the fewest edges always come first. That might sound easy, but at least for me it was a difficult task to always imagine how each movement would affect the whole line. Nonetheless, “Splines ‘n Shapes” is also a strangely meditative experience, as you can just take your time, relax and watch as the circle races the loop up and down. [PLAY]