Ludum Dare 48: Vast Trivia Of The Void

“Vast Trivia Of The Void” by Whales And Games (Jorge M. CarvalhoJosé Sánchez & Zachary Blystone).

“Put your knowledge of several topics to the test! Sports, history, science, anime, and more! […] Cash out or go deeper, for higher rewards but possibly higher risks! […] Do you have what it takes to make it big at the biggest game show from the darkest pits of the universe?”

With “Vast Trivia Of The Void”, the team members of the Whales and Games studio have managed to create a quiz video game that does not implement arbitrarily set difficulty levels. Although all of the almost two hundred questions deal with different topics (sports, literature, video games, music, anime/manga, science/nature, history, television/movies, and general knowledge), there is no constant increase in their answerability. Nevertheless, the game itself can become more difficult.

The reason for this is that a game over is not caused by a certain number of wrong answers, but by the complete loss of all so-called V-Coins. This fictitious currency represents the score, so to speak, but can also be used by the players to purchase support cards in the item store. You can hold up to six of these in your hand at the same time. They can produce the most diverse effects: For example, some of them allow you to skip an unpleasant question, while others enable you to move back a certain number of spaces on the board, while another type of card teleports you back to the start.

This very starting field is a very special one: If you manage to complete a round around the board, you will reach a new depth of the void. At this point, the amount of V-Coins you receive with a correctly answered question becomes higher. However, your loss also increases with a wrong answer. While this ratio is advantageous for you in the beginning, it quickly turns to your disadvantage. This design decision of “Vast Trivia Of The Void” is exactly the main aspect from which it differs significantly from many other quizzes – and it works wonderfully!

However, many other elements of the game should also be noted positively. For example, players can add new questions themselves to keep the experience fresh and challenging. Furthermore, you can unlock sixteen skins for your own character, most of which are reminiscences of the creators’ previous games or images of themselves. But now it is up to you to prove your bright minds! [PLAY]