Ludum Dare 48: Wiki Vortex

“Wiki Vortex” by impbox.

“Get lost in a vortex of Wikipedia exploration, complete quests and escape[.]”

Ten minutes ago you were reading up on the mating habits of anglerfish on Wikipedia, but now you are suddenly researching the production method and history of ice wine in Germany? If you feel called out by this short description, then you are well equipped to escape the “Wiki Vortex” in the jam submission of the same name!

This is because the goal here is to move from a randomly selected starting article to other texts that deal with three generic terms, also randomly selected, and then back again, in as few steps as possible. For instance, starting from the article on “Adventure Time”, you may have to find a path that contains texts on “Monarch”, “Mountain” and “Instrument” before going back to the beginning. Keep in mind that at first you only have ten steps available, but for each completed quest you will get ten more.

This process is made even more difficult by the rules of “Wiki Vortex”, because you are not allowed to go to list, category or disambiguation articles, nor are you allowed to browse an already visited page again. But that is exactly what makes it so interesting, because you can acquire an incredible amount of trivia knowledge in a fun way. In addition, the routes often are wonderfully absurd – at least yesterday I would not have thought that a chain of associations containing Theodore Roosevelt, internet access, “Pokémon Snap” and European dragons would somehow make sense to me. I was quite wrong about that. [PLAY]