Ludum Dare 49: Jingoku

“Jingoku” by Mathew Arnold, Niru Fekri-Arnold & William L-S.

“[Complete] as many minigames as you can before the tower collapses!”

The first look at “Jingoku” usually creates a wrong impression, as one might be tempted to consider it a simple “Jenga” clone. The reason for this lies in the initial scenario, because when you start the game, you are first presented with a tower made of wooden blocks. However, as soon as you pull out one of them, one of thirteen different minigames in the popular “WarioWare” style starts. Under great time pressure, you suddenly have to place a fashionable headdress on the hat stand, play a short melody on a piano or shoot numbered balloons in numerical order.

A game of “Jingoku” does not end when you lose one of the minigames, but when the tower described at the beginning collapses. With every wooden stick you pull out, the construct becomes more wobbly, of course, but with some foresight and a little luck you can delay the inevitable end. This is also necessary if you want to make it to a good place in the global ranking.

What is especially fun is trying to earn the ten different achievements that you can read about under the personal stats. You will quickly notice that it is easier to shoot down a paper plane or crush a sand castle than to press a series of buttons. What exactly do I mean by that? Just play the wonderful “Jingoku” yourself and you will find out. [PLAY]