Ludum Dare 49: Plains In The Sky

“Plains In The Sky” by Liutauras Gaidamavičius.

“Our precious sky plains have been invaded by the malicious snakes. You will have to use your trusty cannon to get rid of those pests!”

As the defender of the realm of the skies, your task in “Plains In The Sky” is to banish the enemy snakes from your territory. Armed with a single cannon that can fire as many bullets as you want, you will have to shoot all the reptiles per level before you can advance to the next area. However, your good old weapon is always positioned in a fixed place, which makes it difficult to hit all your opponents. But you do not need to worry, since you will have a huge home advantage: After all, the clouds on which the scaly adversaries have made themselves comfortable are extremely light and therefore easy to manipulate.

For example, if there are two snakes at one end of a cloud, the airy plane of the sky will also be tilted in their direction. Once the two creatures have been tipped into the abyss, the plane will also return to its equilibrium. In this way, the puzzle design of “Plains In The Sky” resembles that of a marble run, only with the difference that you can and must change its route yourself with each shot.

Moreover, in the second half, new animal characters are added, namely the sheep. When you hit them with your cannonball, they are not automatically thrown into the depths, but they start to run in the direction they were looking. Only if they move towards a cliff and then fall down, the level is restarted – but they can also prove to be useful partners, as you will discover for yourself. [PLAY]