Magical Girl Game Jam: Sylvie

“Sylvie” by Toffee & Miredly.

“You’re part of an evil-hunting squad, but recently your partner has gone missing while out on a contract.  This is a very short platformer where you hack and slash your way through a cult hideout and face a challenging rival.”

“Sylvie” is a short, but really delightful and amusing hack and slash game featuring a half magical, half rocker girl as the eponymous main character. She is breaking into the masquerade ball held by a weird cult which seems to hold her best friend Cerise captive. With her guitar as a powerful weapon, Sylvie can crush them all down and clear her way to their leader.

At the end not only a neatly composed boss battle is waiting for our heroine, but also a plot twist regarding Cerise (okay, it is not that much of a shock, but you will see for yourself). I enjoyed this jam game a lot, as it features beautiful pixel art – even though I would wish for some more fluent running and jumping animations – and background tunes, fun combat gameplay and a nice narrative premise, that could very well be the fundament of a typical magical girl anime episode. In the end, “Sylvie” nails the theme of the jam perfectly, and that is an achievement in itself. >>PLAY