Major Jam 1: Ghost Roulette

“Ghost Roulette” by Jon Topielski.

“[A deck-building] game where you gamble with ghosts over the dark web[.]”

“Ghost Roulette” is one of those special jam entries that know how to perfectly mix up two opposite concepts together, in this case gambling and strategy. You are a ghost who is stuck in the eternal afterlife with nothing to do, so you start to take part in online roulette. In a “Chatroulette of the dead”-like interface you will encounter your opponents and get challenged to a round of tactical roulette, which consists of exactly three turns.

Your opponent always gets to choose first where they want to spend their chips as bets. You cannot place bets on fields that already have a bet on them. That may sound unfair, however you have this amazing card deck, which allows you to slightly manipulate the position of your opponent’s chips, the amount of your own or even the structure of the roulette table itself. Although, keep in mind that your energy points to use those cards are limited. Therefore, you have to constantly weigh the consequences of your actions and make difficult decisions. Do you want to transform a number of red fields into black ones, or maybe you should remove an already placed chip, so that the field is free to bet on again?

Some opponents even have a special skill, which makes playing against them pretty tough. For instance, there is a devilish demon, who is able to transform one black field to a red one in each turn permanently while you are playing against them – and of course they immediately bet on all the red spaces. But there are even more special abilities and cards for you discover. I did not even mention the up- and downgrades so far, but you will experience all that by yourself. May Lady Luck be good with you! [PLAY]