Marathon Jam: Devil’s Handshake

“Devil’s Handshake” by gripgrap.

“In this [brain busting] tile-based puzzle game, traditional [four-directional] movement is something you [should not] take for granted. Activate the powers imbued in each of your several arms in order to push and drag yourself around each map.”

“Devil’s Handshake” is probably the – in the best sense of the word – most bonkers adaptation of “Sokoban” I have ever seen. Here we control a small blob that consists of a head and up to four arms. Our only goal is to get to all the daisies scattered around the level and torch them. Why? Because. Besides, the question of how you are going to accomplish this in the first place is much more important and interesting, because the lack of legs understandably makes getting around a bit more difficult. The answer to this question consists of two words: Rocket fists!

In the direction a hand is pointing, it can cause an ignition, giving you a boost in the opposite direction (so if you control an arm whose fist is pointing down, you move up). However, every now and then you may come across other forearm-like constructs, to which two hands are attached at the same time. Since limbs are generally very social creatures, they will make physical contact at the first possible opportunity and unite with each other by means of a handshake. This can have advantages and disadvantages: Sometimes flowers that were much too far away a moment before can finally be burned down, but other times you sacrifice one direction of movement for another, which only allows you to maneuver into a dead end. Fortunately, you can also push limbs off of you.

As if these basic mechanics were not already enough reason to try out “Devil’s Handshake”, the mind-boggling puzzle game also integrates pistol and Darth Vader memorial hands into later levels. Moreover, the complete puzzle design is really appealing and entertaining, thanks in no small part to the possibility of undoing as many steps as necessary. I definitely give it four thumbs out of four. [PLAY]