Mashup Jam: Theatre One For The Dreamer

“Theatre One For The Dreamer” by Jiblie.

“Explore three low poly worlds based on some […] cult classic films […] with original music.”

Inspired by “Evil Dead”, “Blade Runner” and “The Thing”, “Theatre One For The Dreamer” exudes a peculiar charm for both cineasts and non-cineasts. The atmosphere of cult classic movies gets tangible with the help of low poly landscapes and buildings. Visit a log cabin in the center of a misty forest, take a night walk on a street in a cyberpunk city and find your research camp in the perpetual ice. Even though it is nice to understand every little hint about one of the referenced films, that is not necessary to enjoy the experience, as each of these virtual locations can aesthetically exist on its own and awaits your arrival. >>PLAY