Melon Game Jam: Melone in the Dark

“Melone in the Dark” by Marius Winter & Nick Maierhöfer.

“Know your fruit. Know its name. For if you [do not], the demons your soul will claim.”

“Melone in the Dark” is a small, weird and cute little homage to the “Alone in the Dark” series as well as to the Melon Game Jam itself. It is just three to five minutes long, but the neat art style, the voice acting and the overall retro charm makes it totally worth it. It may be quite buggy sometimes – for example it is possible to spawn an endless amount of melons to fight against, so that you would be covered in the slobbery fruit rests -, but even that is part of the fun in my eyes! Also, there is a cute little ‘moral’ in the end. >>PLAY