Meta Game Jam: Daisy Dangerous

“Daisy Dangerous” by securas.

“A action-puzzle platformer[.] Daisy is in a quest to rid the land of the invading alien sentient machines. Guide her across the multiple traps laid out along the way to reach the machine overlord, defeat it and end the invasion.”

“Daisy Dangerous” is a lovely parody game of “Rick Dangerous”, a puzzle platformer made in 1989. Within its spirit the game gives its players some very challenging levels and sometimes meta comments about the level design and its own roots.

For example, in one passage a boulder falls down, so Daisy must run like hell, just like in the old “Indiana Jones” movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. This is a wink to “Rick Dangerous” itself, which gave its character not just the Indy costume, but copied the scene as well. Another example is the limit of six bullets and six grenades, which was copied from the original game. There’s a lot to explore in “Daisy Dangerous”, so give it a try and enjoy the retro vibes. >>PLAY