Mini Jam 41: Hat’s a Problem

“Hat’s a Problem” by Enter CTRL (Andrew Hunt, Austin Nordhaus, Michael O’Donnell & William Brotherton).

“[A] bullet hell arcade game with a hint of magic[.] […] Play as a magician in a performance gone wrong, and keep the show going!”

The magical hat learned some new tricks after you summoned it, and it certainly is not a very friendly fashion accessory any longer. Each round it will present you three different cards. By clicking on them, you decide in which order they will get played. Better choose wisely, as they are naughty attacks on your life!

For example, there is a “Rose” card. When it gets played, waves of rose petals will fall down on your platform. Whenever one touches you, one health point gets erased. The “Heart” card is not as good as it sounds either. Five giant hearts will get arranged in a semicircle – one of them will rise your health by one point, while the four others will decrease it again when they hit you. You can only keep them apart by their slightly different color. At least three more different attack patterns are included in this delightful jam entry.

Overall, “Hat’s a Problem” can be described as an endless boss fight, where the only goal is to survive as long as possible. It takes some minutes to get fully into the flow, but after that short settling-in period it is a lot of fun in my opinion. The pixel art and background music is lovely as well, so better get ready for your own bewitching performance! [PLAY]