Mini Jam 45: Tiny Travelers

“Tiny Travelers” by faxdoc & Daniel Riise.

“Tiny Travelers” is a short puzzle platformer, which bases its gameplay on cooperation. Two little bugs want to escape the forest, but they only can do it together. The orange-brownish insect is the active part, which you will control: It can jump over obstacles and is also capable of grabbing as well as pulling large boxes. The green bug is pretty passive and cannot jump around. Luckily, the stronger insect can help its partner out by heaving it over ledges. Also, the green bug will listen to the orders of the orange insect in the form of whistles, causing them to either follow the leader or to stand still.

While the passive member of this team might seem to be a bit of a burden at first glance, that is not true at all. When both of them are standing in the exit of a level, the green bug will spread its wings and bring them to the next one. With each new stage, the difficulty of the puzzles rises up. The first couple of levels are happening in just one room, but later several of them will be part of the environment. This design forces you as a player to carefully explore all the elements to come up with a proper solution and to activate the described whistle commands with proper timing skills. In the end, “Tiny Travelers” is a really cute jam submission. Not only because of its gameplay, that has a high focus on helping each other out for a common goal, but also thanks to the beautiful pixel art. [PLAY]