Mini Jam 73: SURGE

“SURGE” by Reeds.

“[A] very short puzzle adventure game that sees the power constantly going out.”

In “SURGE” we play a video game within the game, controlling the hero in an oldschool adventure. The plot itself is quite generic: We find ourselves in a bewitched castle and have to rescue a member of the royal family that ruled over the Surge kingdom before an enemy takeover. But to even get to their prison, we have to solve a few puzzles and fight battles. All of this would not be such a big problem if it were not for the constant momentary power outages that cause us to restart the game over and over again.

Of course, no one can take away your newly gained knowledge. This allows you to skip puzzles that you would normally have to solve first, since you already know the solution! With this premise, “SURGE” becomes the “Minit” among jam games. Of course, it is much more linear, and you do not have to go on extensive explorations to figure out the solution, but the final product is still absolutely impressive. Moreover, the final puzzle in particular is indeed a tough nut to crack. However, I do not want to give too much away. It is simply a very well-rounded experience. [PLAY]