Movie Game Jam: REPLICANT : The Search

“REPLICANT : The Search” by Léonardo Montes, Valentin Serri & Maixent Bouteiller.

“[I]nspired by Blade Runner 2049. Discover the city of Las Vegas and find who you came for. Will your questions be answered[?]”

“REPLICANT : The Search” gives you hints where to walk to in a very clever way: Instead of telling you precisely where you have to go, you will see some holograms of the past. Like nearly sheer signs of former times you will be encountered by people all of a sudden. Some might point you into the right direction.

Also I enjoyed the different art styles in this little exploration game. A casino without electricity will just show you its shapes, in a ballroom you can witness the dances from yesterday, but your own future might stay uncertain. A wonderful jam entry. >>PLAY