Mystic Western Game Jam: Stuck in a muddle with you

“Stuck in a muddle with you” by Pierre Corbinais.

“A [road movie] on the spot. […] [Two] girls. [Four] days. [Six] bands. [Eight] chapters. [Nine] endings.”

Be prepared to become a part of a wonderfully scripted story about breaking up with somebody. It does not matter if you are trying to do this on Earth or on any other planet in our wide galaxy: Such stuff is never easy. Especially not when you are on mushrooms and stranded in a desert. And if you think “Wait a minute… I saw the one main character already in one other game?”, you are correct! “Stuck in a muddle with you” is the sequel to one of Pierre Corbinais’ other jam games called “‘Til Cows Tear Us Apart”>>PLAY