NaNoRenO 2018: Grotesque Beauty

“Grotesque Beauty” by DigitalBento (Ben Ho).

“[A] horror visual novel inspired by the works of Junji Ito and Nakayama Masaaki. Anita has been experiencing bad dreams each night […]. Her friend, Rachel, agrees to come over to keep her company […]. However, their night gets a whole lot bizarre from there, when Rachel discovers a haunting painting that adorns her friend’s living room.”

What I love the most about “Grotesque Beauty” is the art style: The developer and artist Ben Ho really took time to ensure that each setting has its own fascinating details. Also, the kind of angular faces of the two main characters make them very distinctive.

The art helps to establish a ghastly atmosphere, which feels special in a way, though it’s built on narrative horror story basics: A mysterious fog, an intense painting, disappearing people and a knock on the door. So take 15 to 20 minutes of your time and give this one a shot, because it’s a great prototype for a longer thing for sure! >>PLAY