NaNoRenO 2021 – Part Four

Screenshot of "Ill Will"

“Ill Will” (Version 1.0) by Lancer, Thaynose, Fyrebreak, Alan, angel, GoingGoingKeith, Fettuccine, kamkam, lavenderGooms, J.A.X. & glitchiee.

You go to a new high school, only to find trouble lurking. Heads up for dark content and death.

The art style is nice and the story is interesting at least. It is a horror high school drama at its finest with a few twists and turns. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "I'm A Pencil"

“I’m A Pencil” (Version 1.0, as far as I know) by Roomah Gaming & Muhammad Hakim Bin Ahmad.

Come and see what a day in the life of a pencil looks like! The graphics are nice and I think the humor is going to be very hit or miss for folks. Personally, I enjoyed this fun read (though I am not sure how I feel about text emojis in a visual novel). [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Insomniac Times"

“Insomniac Times” (Version 1.0, as far as I know) by script.akh.

This Twine game is a short piece about, as far as I can tell, the regrets we have in life and how we choose to change or stay the same. I recommend it. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Intergalactic Matchmaker"

“Intergalactic Matchmaker” (Version 1.0) by hayy.

This visual novel about an alien matchmaker television show is surprisingly detailed and has a lot of ways for things to end. Each contestant has their own personality and I liked the art style of this one. Make sure to check it out! [PLAY]

Screenshot of "InvaSEAve"

“InvaSEAve” (Version 1.0) by Alyssa Genereau.

In this visual novel, you play a drone that must kill invasive species in the ocean. This premise is not only fascinating, it is also the basis for a horror game in disguise.

However, the execution leaves something to be desired. Although you can look up species by “pondering” them, you cannot easily learn which species are invasive and which are native. Therefore, it becomes a game of trial and error as you eliminate species, then restart the game. However, I was very fond of the premise, music and imagery. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Is Lupin Still Flirting?"

“Is Lupin Still Flirting?” (Version 1.0) by Alexis Royce, Tsushi & Camden Dawn.

Not only are the hand-painted visuals in this fangame of the “Lupin the Third” anime and manga franchise a joy to behold, but the story itself is a real delight! You can follow along even if you know nothing about the series. I really enjoyed what I played. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Kanomon: Brown Version"

“Kanomon: Brown Version” (Version 1.0) by Tochelotu, LeviathanMusic & Skill_Borrower.

This visual novel frames flirting with girls as Pokémon battles – I think it is also trying to be a commentary on how some men ignore women’s discomfort and press on anyway when flirting? It is a short and sweet project with some minigames. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "KEEPS DEATH H!S WATCH: Act One."

“KEEPS DEATH H!S WATCH: Act One.” (Version 5.0) by Rinzai Gigen.

This one is kind of confusing, but as best as I can tell it is about a grim reaper named Mortimer who gets put on probation. The dialogue is amusing and the art is very unique. The soundtrack is also nice and available for purchase. I liked what I played so far and hope there will be more soon. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Lizard Engagement"

“Lizard Engagement” (Version 1.0) by r34.

This is a game about being a lizard and dating said creatures. (By the way, I immediately thought of Bo Burnham’s song “It’s Hard to Be A Lizard”.)

It is a bit similar to “Intergalactic Matchmaker” in that you have to question candidates and then make a choice regarding their love lives. I like how there are multiple genders to choose from for the reptile partners. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Love in the Time of Quarantine"

“Love in the Time of Quarantine” (Version 1.0) by ixifaustus & Wellwick.

This short visual novel aims to show how life and love goes during the coronavirus quarantine. However, it is only a demo so far, so you can only observe what happens on the first day, which seems to be life before COVID-19. I have found the interactions between the characters entertaining so far, so I look forward to seeing more soon. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Loveless on Lockdown"

“Loveless on Lockdown” (Version 1.0) by ilyilaice, Michael Sheridan, onboroo, Minikle, Paul Russell & Luna Chai.

Here we have another coronavirus game, but this one is about a single woman who is not looking for love, but it may come to find her. The author has a number of questions that they want answered, so I will do that below.

My favorite character was Wallflower95, although Grace is great too. My favorite ending was where Wallflower95 and Mara got to meet up. My other thoughts on your visual novel are that the graphical user interface is beautiful. I also appreciated that the game addresses the anti-Asian (and specifically anti-Chinese) hatred during COVID-19 times. Plus, being a freelance researcher sounds like a damn cool job. (P.S. “Lock me in gender jail” is the best phrase.) [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Maid of Chapelle Bleue"

“Maid of Chapelle Bleue” (Version 1.0) by rachelu.

Eloise is maid of the Chapelle estate. But there are rumors…

I love the art style. The character interactions are good and I liked especially like the protagonist Eloise. The mystery that drives the plot is very compelling and makes this visual novel a charming story with a dark edge. [PLAY]