NaNoRenO 2021 – Part Six

Screenshot of "Over The Moon"

“Over The Moon” (Version 1.1) by Bob Conway, Soulsoft EA, Robin Harper & Deevil.

It is pretty unusual to find a visual novel with three-dimensional graphics and animations at NaNoRenO, so I think it is neat! Heads up for some nudity in this jam entry.

There are puzzles and I appreciate that you can adjust their difficulty to your liking or even turn them off completely if you want to. I also love the graphical user interface of this game; it is gorgeous. There are multiple endings that you can unlock based on your actions. This visual novel surely is different than most, but in a good way. Give it a try! [PLAY]

Screenshot of "A Pinch of Magic"

“A Pinch of Magic” (Version 1.0) by Crystal Game Works (Mikomi Kisomi, foleso & Violora), Leporine, Destini, Fran, Zelan, lunaterra, Akatea, YuukiPudding, Silver Hatsuyuki, Qualia, aukiyyumu, Akua Kourin, Matcha, Ohisashi, fairiberri, MustacheSkulls, Enyaline, Kelsiy Bean, GoingGoingKeith, Guorin, NSAID, artsdahl, CATmetchu, Juudenki, Michael Sheridan, Pumpkin Spike, Aedifice, Wolfborg, angelinesei, cosmicbubblet & Jasmine Osler.

Run your Baba’s witchy café while she is away.

The story has some interesting twists and turns as to why exactly your Baba left and I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. I also like how you can choose your pronouns and appearance. So go ahead and check out this pleasant little café game for yourself! [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Pirated Code"

“Pirated Code” (Version 1.0) by HitOrMissy.

A stolen artificial intelligence is installed on a ship as the co-pilot – romance ensues.

I like the graphical user interface of this one and the presentation is very stylish in general. The characters and their behavior with each other is engaging. The game ends in quite a cliffhanger that leaves me hungry for more. All in all, this is a really solid demo and I look forward to the release of the full game. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "-Psykhofly-"

“-Psykhofly-“ (Version 1.0) by Hijiri.

A man with amnesia wakes up in a prison cell with a young woman. He and she must participate in a series of tests, and as they do, he tries to remember who he is. Be prepared for guns, blood and death, if you play this visual novel. There are some very grim endings, too – and they are shown in the art as well.

The premise is interesting, as is the use of cards to answer the test questions as the main game mechanic. There is also some extra content if you complete and replay the game. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "RaspberryQuinn: Sweetheart"

“RaspberryQuinn: Sweetheart” (Version 1.2) by Morningtou.

A non-binary main character and romance in one visual novel? Sign me up! I love the color palette and the animated sprites of this submission, while the hearts and flowers around the text box add a really cute touch to the game. The fact that you can pick the character’s outfits is pretty nice too.

My main criticism is that the good ending and the neutral ending are basically the same – I wish there was more variation. Sure, you can get some variety if you choose to kiss Berry, since you do not have that choice with the neutral route, but still: More different options would have been nice. Still, it remains an endearing little game that is sure to delight! [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Sea Fable"

“Sea Fable” (Version 0.2) by Team Reverie (Bethany Higa & more).

Soup discovers that mermaids are real, and is transformed into one by the princess of the merfolk.

I like the simple art style and colors. The story is engaging and presents several good plot points along the way. Above all, the cute, likable characters make this visual novel a fun adventure for all ages. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Seleos"

“Seleos” (Version 1.0) by CirclePegasi (Anna & Kiki).

The duchess Kore meets the god of a dilapidated shrine.

This game, with its beautiful art and enjoyable interactions between the two characters, gave me real one-act-play vibes. I highly recommend you go on this captivating philosophical journey yourself. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Snow Angel"

“Snow Angel” (Version 1.0) by Galen Games (Crysil), LunaMakaio, Crystal, Ednar Pinho & cygni.

In this otome game you are a love-longing café worker who meets a mysterious man.

I like that you can choose your pronouns. The art is as stunning as the story is soft. Please enjoy this heartwarming visual novel. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "The Snowdrop Diaries"

“The Snowdrop Diaries” (Version 1.0) by AnankeKeirin & Shoggoth on the Roof.

This very atmospheric visual novel is about a nun trying to save the people she loves from a monster they do not believe in. Even though I saw the plot twist coming, it is very well executed.

The worldbuilding is kind of interesting, as these nuns seem to be different from the ones we know, as the protagonist Nellie has a lover called Nathaniel. (Also, my gaydar was pinging between Nellie and Cybill the whole time, so there is that.) My main criticism is that the white text on a white background is a bit hard to read. Plus, the content warnings should be expanded as there is a lot of dark stuff there. However, if you are okay with that, you will surely have a good time with this solid jam entry. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Somewhere Better"

“Somewhere Better” (Version 1.0) by Akua Kourin, Khailz & TangledVirus.

Lyra and some magical girls are tasked with saving the world.

The complete narrative scenario fascinated me, I like the art and the character interactions are engaging. My only complaints are that this game could use some music and sound effects. Also, in the version I played, you cannot click on the “Preferences” or “Options” menu once you are in the main game. Aside from these minor flaws, it is still a fine adventure. [PLAY]

Screenshot of "Soulace"

“Soulace” (Version 5.0) by Boris Olsufiev, Charlotte123, Der Frosch, Emma, Puruun, TyrantNeptune & Merle Delen.

You are a guider of souls to the afterlife. It is almost your turn to pass on – you just have to guide one more person.

I like the art style and the story is very gripping, as it got some cool twists and turns along the way. Make sure to check it out. [PLAY]