No More Sweden 2018: Chnakess

“Chnakess” by Arvi Teikari.

“You’re a snake. […] Try to eat the chess pieces; they’ll try to escape using their respective movement styles.”

In this turn-based version of “Snake” you must try to eat all the chess pieces in the field. This turns out to be more difficult, as initially thought. All characters can move from field to field over their conventional chess movement schemes to escape your yaw. So it’s always about cutting off the black and white appetizers on all escape routes.

In addition, the game offers a total of seven different game modes. In some modes the white pawns can beat their black equivalents and vice versa, but not in others. In some game modes, the farmers are there, not in others. But why do not you try it yourself and let your brain melt away? >>PLAY