No More Sweden 2018: Consensual

“Consensual” by Alexandra Dahlberg.

“An interactive story about those [so-called] blurred lines[,] telling the tale about a couple going to bed at night. [It is] a tale experienced by many. [It is] also a tale of sexual consent. About the word [“No” and] about […] the lack of those things and what that might mean for the people involved.”

This atmospheric story that “Consensual” tells get perfectly complemented by the background music and the slight changes in the font throughout the game, providing an intense insight into a person who just does not want to have sex with their partner, but feels committed to it. It is about the question of consent. Even if you are in an intimate relationship with someone for years, there is no ‘right’ for them to have sex with you. Consent is not automatically given because you had sex with someone before. Consent is not automatically given when you are in a relationship with each other. Consent is not automatically given because you are married to each other. Consent is given, when your partner says “Yes” to it, easy as that. And yet there are still enough idiots out there who do not understand that. Maybe this game will help them to understand the concept of consent. >>PLAY