No Shit Sherlock Jam: Philip Marlowe Doesn’t Understand the Mystery

“Philip Marlowe Doesn’t Understand the Mystery” by Sand Gardeners (Sam Machell & Colin Le Duc).

“A short abstract neo-noir experience about confusion, memory, driving, mysteries, cats, and Raymond Chandler’s classic [“The Long Goodbye”].”

Most detective games focus on the cases and not so much on the characters. The players have to crack the mysterious murder, they have to find out who is a criminal, they achieve something in the end. But what happens if you take that achievement away and then confront your players with a struggling detective, whose mind and memory seem to be uncontrollable? What if their notes do not make any sense, what if they are seeking desperately for a hidden message in the static, what if their thoughts are shattered into fragments? “Philip Marlowe Doesn’t Understand the Mystery”, inspired by the novel “The Long Goodbye” written by Raymond Chandler, does exactly that. It may not be a satisfying game for everyone, but it surely is an atmospherical exploration space for all the things, that happen inside of Philip Marlowe, the detective with an aim, but without a goal. >>PLAY