No Shit Sherlock Jam: Philip Marlowe Doesn’t Understand the Mystery

“Philip Marlowe Doesn’t Understand the Mystery” by Sand Gardeners (Sam Machell & Colin Le Duc).

“A short abstract neo-noir experience about confusion, memory, driving, mysteries, cats, and Raymond Chandler’s classic The Long Goodbye.”

Most detective or crime based games I know focus on the cases, not on the characters. The players have to crack the mysterious murder, they have to find out who is a criminal, they achieve something in the end. But what happens if you take that achievement away and then confront your players with a struggling detective, whose mind and memory seem to be uncontrollable? What if his notes don’t make any sense, what if he seeks desperately for a hidden message in the static, what if his thoughts are shattered into fragments? “Philip Marlowe Doesn’t Understand the Mystery” does exactly that.

It may not be a satisfying game for everyone, but it surely is an atmospherically digital exploration space for the things, that happen inside of Philip Marlowe – the detective with an aim, but without a goal. >>PLAY