NOKIA 3310 JAM 2: SwiftBlock 3310

“SwiftBlock 3310” by 89o, Trix & Groszak.

“Whizz around the map and leave dead copies of yourself to get to the goal! […] You can also warp from the left to the right side, vice versa, and up and down. Be careful, though, because [there is] a limit to the amount of dead bodies you can leave!”

Do you remember mobile games of the pre-smartphone era? They definitely had their own charm. So it does not come as a surprise that the NOKIA 3310 JAM 2 got over one hundred and forty submissions. One of my personal favorites is “SwiftBlock 3310”, as it does not rely on the nostalgia for this kind of games only to be really enjoyable, but also features an impressive, smart puzzle design.

In “SwiftBlock 3310” you play as a block who can only travel from one border to another by sliding to them. You can also swift from one window border to another, which could be interpreted as ‘warping’. However, should your movement not result in you colliding with a wall, then there is nothing that could stop you – you are now stuck in a loop and have to reset the level.

The goal is simple, as you only have to reach the exit in each level. But often there is no direct opportunity for you to reach it, which is why you have to leave some dead copies of yourself behind. It will act as an extension of the wall, so that you can safely bump into it. Keep in mind though that you cannot do that as often as you want, as the use of this mechanic is limited. [PLAY]