Nordic Game Jam 2018: For meget drøm / Too much dreaming

“For meget drøm / Too much dreaming” by Kristian Torgard, Lasse Hansen & Claus Frøhlich.

“[A] game where you look for treasures from the real world on the surface of a surrealistic colourful planet inhabited with strange monsters, plants, buildings and even cars. When you find a treasure […] the planet begins to collapse. […] The dream repeats if you fall, but confronting all the ‘real’ items will maybe let you wake up…”

Some games don’t offer you a clear narration, but instead a scenario, in which you can dive in – and this jam entry is one of them. You will be thrown into a weird looking dreamscape, where flat neon dogs bark at you, where little UFOs and alien float around, where groups of unknown plants grow and where you can find oddly familiar treasures, like giant scissors or a cuckoo clock.

But be careful: Whenever you take one of those items and afterwards go over a crack of this dream planet, a part of it will rumble and fly right towards the galaxy. This way it will stay as a witness of the destruction between surreal dream and the reality forever. It’s stunning to look at it in these moments and still surprising, even when one knows what’s coming.

And even though the game doesn’t tell its players, what the dream is about, one could easily come up with an interpretation. After my first playthrough of ”
For meget drøm / Too much dreaming”, I thought it might be the last ‘near-death-dream’ of a little kid after a car accident. While the pen, the scissors and the teddy bear are symbols of the childhood itself, the clock would represent the decreasing life span.

“But what’s the cassette for?”, you might ask. Well, it could be the reason for the accident. The cassette is always surrounded by cars on the planet, so I thought that maybe the driver of the car was not careful enough when they tried to play their favorite song and didn’t look right at the street, and by doing so, it came to the deadly crash. But that’s just a theory, and it isn’t really important to come up with a story to enjoy this colorful and atmospherical altgame. >>PLAY