Nordic Game Jam 2018: Tell Me Everything

“Tell Me Everything” by Nils Munch, Jill L. Petersen & Kasper Brandt.

“A mysterious murder [has] shocked the small city[.] […] Armed with words and wits, you uncover the secrets and capture the murderer, or at least [try to].”

One murder, three suspects and you are the detective, who seems to have quite a problem to find the right words and questions to ask. In “Tell Me Everything”, you have to solve a case by asking questions, but your vocabulary is pretty small in the beginning. However, when you ask an important question, your personal thesaurus can grow thanks to the answers, which allows you to formulate completely new questions.

How did the husband of Mrs. Blue disappear? Is Dr. Green a good doctor? Is the loud noise made by Mr. Red’s car somehow important for the case? And why was a dove feather laid down on Mr. Victim’s forehead? Was he killed by accident? Was it greed? Was it revenge? It is your job to find out in “Tell Me Everything”. >>PLAY