Pirate Jam 2020: Deepdive

“Deepdive” by Free Lives, Sam Alfred, Evan Greenwood & Jarred Lunt.

“[A] short procedurally generated diving roguelike about exploring the depths. Manage your oxygen, scan new species of fish, mine minerals, explore the depths, but be careful not to spring too many leaks in your helmet. Then, come back to your boat to upgrade your gear so you can go deeper next time.”

One secret lays down at the bottom of the ocean, but before you can explore it, you must improve your diving equipment – that is the core concept of “Deepdive”. And how can you enhance it? Well, sadly the world in this jam game is still traversed by capitalism, so some money has to be earned. That can be done by either mining the resources that are hidden in the reefs or by identifying the different fishes that are living in the area.

Whenever you think you have done enough, you can swim back to the surface and go into your research submarine. Depending on your success, you will gain some bucks to either upgrade the strength of your mining laser, the movement speed of your wetsuit, the capacity of your oxygen tanks or the amount of stuff you can carry with you. Each little upgrade leads to further progress, allowing you to prolong your diving trips.

Although, it has to be said that not all underwater creatures are too keen of you, so they might just attack you on eyesight. I guess I do not have to tell you that a broken helmet hundred meters under the water surface sounds like a thing you want to avoid, am I right? And you should also always be attentive of your oxygen level too, or else the secret of “Deepdive” will not be the only thing that lays down at the bottom of the sea. >>PLAY