POT-AU-JEU 1: Treasure Chest #69

Screenshot of "Retrocat save the old!"

“Retrocat save the old!” by Shinpansen & Jérôme Audo.

A little cat must try to prevent old buildings from being demolished by repainting their facades. To do so, the paint bucket has to constantly pushed right under the faucet to replenish it. What makes this game special alongside the wonderful pixel art is the subtle increase in its difficulty.

Screenshot of "Colobri"

“Colobri” by Nicolas Allemand.

This jam game combines the main mechanics of “Breakout”, “Space Invaders” and “Puzzle Bobble” . Try to hit the ball with the paddle so that it hits as many blocks as possible. At the same time, the blocks move from left to right, then down, right to left et cetera. The further you progress in the game, the more you will encounter blocks that need more than one hit to disappear. However, your paddle is armed and if you have ammunition, you can destroy blocks with only one shot. Naturally, the game features some power-ups, too.

Screenshot of "Shifuto"

“Shifuto” by difsod.

The playing field of this tile-matching game gets constantly filled with new symbols instead of adding them turn by turn. This way, this jam entry becomes hectic and exciting at the same time.

Screenshot of "Pac Attack"

“Pac Attack” by Larnin & llxll.

This jam game does not just offer one new interpretation of the “Pac-Man” gameplay, but three! In one level you simply have to eat all the ghost enemies, in another you have to fight your way through a three-colored maze and in the last one there is a very special final boss waiting for you, who will be recognized easily by fans of the “The Legend of Zelda” series.