PROCJAM 2018: Treasure Chest #64

Screenshot of "Slime Garden"

“Slime Garden” by Temporarily Unnamed Collective (Constantin LiétardThomas Denis).

Pull out your cameras, as you can now take the most beautiful pictures of small slimes. In procedurally generated worlds, decorated in wonderful pastel shades, you can wander around and photograph the jumping, cute creatures in their habitat.

Screenshot of "procban"

“procban” by Egor Dorichev.

An infinite number of procedurally generated “Sokoban” puzzles are waiting to be solved by you. Three additional game mechanics – teleportation portals, unlockable doors and arrow fields which send objects in the designated direction – have been added to further diversify the experience.

Screenshot of "Nightline"

“Nightline” by Colorfiction.

This night train ride may not lead anywhere, and yet it is an interesting, atmospheric experience. The silhouette of a metropolis with all its lights rushes past you while you sit alone in a compartment. There is something almost magical and mesmerizing about attending this everyday spectacle because it focuses on the journey as the ultimate goal.