Resist Jam: NNC News, with Tom Vandercar

“NNC News, with Tom Vandercar” by Denis AsensioCeler Gutierrez, Rubén CallesJoseph Beacham & Sarah McManus.

“Find and click the words tagged as “banned”. Choose one of the [three] alternatives to swap the word.”

First of all, the pixel art and the voice acting in “NNC News, with Tom Vandercar” are stunning. Gameplay-wise, this jam entry follows a “Papers, Please”-like approach, where you have to find the ‘mistakes’ in the upcoming news. By doing so, the team behind the game shows off the – often even funny – effects of censorship. The banned words change with each week and the reasons for it are sometimes pretty delicate. Also, the last news are a wonderful message to all resisting people. It is not over, keep fighting. >>PLAY