Resist Jam: Treasure Chest #22

What’s a “Treasure Chest” article?

It’s a short text and video compilation of three to five small jam games we really liked for some reason (like core concept, artwork, effort etc.).

Screenshot of "Bleat The Wolf"

“Bleat The Wolf” by Jules Langran, Nat Cooper, James Provan, Joseph Clark & Michael Bowerman.

Figure out how you can bring the sheep to vote for you, the llama, instead of the dangerous wolf. Will you be a flip-flopper? Let’s see.

Screenshot of "FACTS AND FUTURES"

“FACTS AND FUTURES” by mildmojo.

Decode audio messages from the future to get more knowledge about the nature of ‘alternative facts’ and their consequences.

Screenshot of "Feed of Comfort"

“Feed of Comfort” by axoona.

This game tells a little (slightly cynical) story about online protests and some of us may perceive these. It’s just one point of view, but a nevertheless important and legitimate one.