RNDGAME JAM I: UFO Swamp Odyssey

“UFO Swamp Odyssey” by Paranoid Cactus.

“A short atmospheric platformer.”

“UFO Swamp Odyssey” is a beautifully crafted jump and run game with metroidvania elements, where you play as a robotic spaceship pilot, who was just shut down by hostile scavengers. After they crash on the swamp planet, the protagonist meets another stranded alien who tells them that those bandits use an electromagnetic pulse cannon to ensure that their victims cannot leave. So it becomes clear what the robot has to do: They have to disable the weapon somehow.

However, it is quite tricky to locate the apparatus in “UFO Swamp Odyssey”, as a massive part of the world is covered with mud and greenish water. Luckily for the metal hero, a draining system, which can be operated by pushing some buttons, is in plain sight. Only getting to those buttons is a difficult task, especially with those nasty eyebots hanging around.

By exploring the surroundings in “UFO Swamp Odyssey”, you will encounter three more stranded extraterrestial beings, and all of them will have some useful ability in form of items for you. For instance, there is the zapper gun, which can be used to stun your foes, allowing you to walk right through them. But there is also a portal gun as well as a grappling hook. You will need each of those upgrades to progress, to drain the swamp and eventually to deactivate the dangerous machinery that helds you captive. Take ten to fifteen minutes off, so that you can enjoy this wonderfully pixelated, intergalactic adventure on a marshy planet. [PLAY]