Rousr’s Virtual Pet Jam: Trash Bin Monster

“Trash Bin Monster” by Daniel Marques, Chris Anselmo & AndrewBGM.

“Take care of a cute little trash bin monster and feed it files in order to grow up and not starve! You can even pet it, and scold it when it refuses to eat. Just remember, you [cannot] feed it the same file twice.”

At first glance, this jam submission seems to be just a cute Tamagotchi rip-off with a little twist: Feeding the monster is done by feeding it actual files. Do not worry though, your files do not get deleted or harmed in any way. However, the real, big twist of “Trash Bin Monster” comes up in the endgame, because the pet does not want to… I will not tell you that, as you definitely should find it out for yourself. >>PLAY