SalvageJam: Suicide by Jagjaguwar

“Suicide by Jagjaguwar” by Mike Kleine.

“A game about walking around and finding things and trying to stay alive.”

You awaken to the sun beaming down on your face. You feel the cold ground pressing against your back. You take a moment to collect yourself, then you stand up and look around. You are lost in the middle of the wilderness with your two friends, and your car is broken down. Where are you and how the heck did you even get here? I am a fan of innovative narrative mechanics in games, and that is exactly what “Suicide by Jagjaguwar” brings to the table.

The game world is ripe with unique and surprising opportunities to die while exploring and talking to non-player characters. With each new life, you will begin to notice that subtle parts of the story are changing. “Suicide by Jagjaguwar” features six unique endings, nineteen unique deaths, and over thirty characters to talk to. >>PLAY