ScoreSpace Jam #8: Luminary

“Luminary” by plasmastarfish.

“Slice through paper lanterns as you climb skyward. Make sure your cuts are balanced, as splitting a lantern exactly in half gives you more height. Travel as high as possible and compete for the [highscore]!”

In “Luminary”, there is only one way for you to go: To the top! But how can a magical orb all alone jump so high? By slicing paper lanterns, of course! …Okay, that may not make narrative sense whatsoever, but just roll with it, because the gameplay itself is weirdly satisfying and captivating.

By cutting through the lanterns right through their center, you will get a temporary speed bonus. That is also called a perfect slice in “Luminary” and will charge up the special skill of your figure: If the sign at the upper center, which resembles two wings, is completely filled up, you will be rescued whenever you fall down. However, if this skill is not fully charged and you just fall into the abyss, it is game over for you.

Keep in mind that neither okay nor good cuts help you to fill this scale – only perfect slices count. Do not worry too much about that, though. Whenever you decide to make a new cutting attempt by pressing the left mouse button, you automatically reduce the game speed to slow motion, which gives you enough time to carefully adjust the slicing direction. That gives “Luminary” a very specific, fascinating flow. Even though the events inside the game can be quite hectical, it still gives you some kind of control over it. But believe me, you will still need some patience and persistence if you want to conquer one of the Top Ten places of the online leaderboard.