SCREAM FM: Opossum Country

“Opossum Country” by Ben Jelter, Dana Jennings & Lunchz.

“Investigate a suspicious trailer park and uncover its secret horrors.”

Ever heard of “Opossum Country”? One urban legend say that it is a place full of cliché trailer park rednecks, who behave so badly that they were called after the trash-loving animals. Of course, a much more logical explanation for the name would be the unrealistic high amount of those wild mammals. However, the real reason is something that the human mind just hardly can comprehend.

If you enjoy horror games with a somewhat surreal plot, that one was made for you. It features the home of complete outsiders, broken souls and the hope into higher beings. What I personally adore about this jam submission is its atmospheric quality: Mainly thanks to the grandios pixel portraits of the characters, eerie background tunes and the focus on a tight-knit community that distrusts any external visitors, “Opposum Country” knows how to remain perfectly spooky. [PLAY]