SCREAM MACHINE: Vertigo Temple

“Vertigo Temple” by Jamie Obeso, Tommy Obeso, Frogge & psy_wombats.

“The date is March 2001. Our protagonist receives a text message from their estranged sister, thought to have died a year earlier, leading them into a [text-based] plot linking cults, machines, [bulletin board systems], conspiracies, the paranormal, and a certain [plan] that unites them all.”

The most excellent element of “Vertigo Temple” is without a doubt the captivating, intense plot. As your sister Elle died just one year ago, she suddenly starts to send you cryptic short messages: The sentence “***A NEW STAR IS BORN” and a weirdly cut video footage with a religious touch. Things become even stranger as you find her cell phone and still receive more messages under her number.

This mysterious start is only the beginning of this magnificent thriller. It involves New Age hippie sects, cybercrime gangs and a clever intertwining of both implied contrasts: Religion and technology. It is difficult to go more into detail without spoiling the plot twists, so I highly recommend you to give it a try by yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Get in touch with your sister’s former ‘work peers’ to crack the mystery, while you question yourself over and over again if the things your character experiences are actually the truth. Get absorbed by the great soundtrack. And then, just wait to become a part of the ending, which could also be the marvelous finale of your favorite “Black Mirror” episode. [PLAY]