Sleepover Jam: In Tents Sleepover

“In Tents Sleepover” by Devon Youngbird.

“A short late night experience meant to soothe the soul.”

“In Tents Sleepover” is a short and endearing experience that uses the player’s innate curiosity to tell the story of a child that has just moved into a new home. The player takes the role of a boy, Mike, struggling to sleep during the first sleepover in his new home. In an attempt to get to sleep, the player explores the new house performing menial tasks like turning off the TV, and reading notes and drawings—presumably written by Mike. These notes, which are scattered throughout the house, give the player insight into Mike’s family as well as his imagination.

The game does a great job of giving the player a strong sense of connection with Mike. I felt like the more notes I read, the more I saw the game through Mike’s eyes instead of my own. >>PLAY