Slow Game Jam: Wonders between Dunes

“Wonders between Dunes” by Moshe Linke.

“Travel through a wonderful mysterious world and explore huge brutal architecture. Stroll through deserts. Stroll through [the] lush [jungle]. Walk deep inside the belly of concrete monsters and feel the enormous weight of the city above you. Discover wonders between dunes. [An] almost [dream-like] experience [is] waiting for you.”

I do not know if I was ever so impressed with the architecture inside a jam game like I have been impressed by the buildings in “Wonders between Dunes”. It may be the first real brutalistic game, where you will find yourself stunned by the whole atmospheric experience. Some little glowing pellets are scattered all around for you as a subtle path, as you can collect them and follow their lead. I found that very clever, because you might be put in a place with a wonderful sight on the whole landscape, that you did not have explored otherwise. A beautiful game with an even more stunning world was created here.