StartupCities Game Jam: Happy Happy Land

“Happy Happy Land” by cobcris & Guy Unger.

“The people of Happy Happy Land [are not] happy, they [cannot] seem to work things out. Maybe all they need is a little bit of creative thinking.”

You have probably also found it difficult at times to keep an eye on the happiness and well-being of those around you. For example, have you ever wanted to listen to a certain song really loud, but forgotten that your flatmate in the next room might be annoyed by the volume? The rather short but beautifully designed puzzle game “Happy Happy Land” revolves about such conflicts and how to solve them.

Put a smile on the lips of these plasticine characters by first recognizing their problem with each other and then defusing the tense situation. However, the solution for both parties to the conflict can never be found right on the spot. Instead, you will have to travel to other locations in “Happy Happy Land”, collect certain tools, and then use them correctly. But that should not be a problem for kind people like you. [PLAY]