Stencyl Jam #19: requeue

“requeue” by torcado.

“[Help] this robot friend get to the goal by resetting its command queue at the appropriate times!”

Do not ever dare again to tell me that puzzle games made as jam submissions are too easy for you, do you understand me? “requeue” will put you right for sure, as it drove my synapses crazy in the best possible way. The core concept itself is pretty simple: You are in charge of manipulating a robot’s movement pattern, but your only possibility to do so is to interrupt it and thereby start over it’s chain of move commands.

The symbols on the left part of the game’s interface show you exactly how the robot will behave. Plain arrow tiles indicate a movement to the shown direction, but there are also jump and falling tiles as well as simple waiting command tiles. You cannot directly change the order of those tiles. However, you can add new ones to the chain of commands by letting the little automaton run into them in the level itself. There are also some special fields which are able to turn the order upside-down and even more surprises.

These elements in combination with the horrifically great puzzle as well as level design make “requeue” to a puzzle game which will melt your brain. So do not become too addicted to the idea of solving each level instantly; instead, take a break every now and then and maybe give a very difficult section a try on the next day. Yeah, you read that right – it is that captivating. Stunning job! [PLAY]