Stencyl Jam 19: Rupert Reset

“Rupert Reset” by Alessandro Pezzetti.

“[A] puzzle platformer game where you can control and reset objects in the stage just by pressing the big reset button in the level.”

To reset, or in other words to bring a level back to its default state, is often a necessary nightmare for the fans of puzzle games. It feels so unsatisfying when you thought you were close to discover the solution for a riddle, only to recognize that everything you did before was wrong. However, in the puzzle platformer “Rupert Reset”, the reset mechanic is an essential part to solve a level.

By jumping on the big red button, often placed in the center of a level, you can reset certain objects, enemies and even your character. You are not free to choose what exactly you can reset, though. Whenever you spot white outlines on the walls, you can be certain that one jump on the reset button will bring it back to the shown position. That leaves room for some fascinating puzzle design. Just imagine a level with two closed doors and only one key. Regardless which door of the both you open, the key afterwards is gone; or rather it would be, if you could not reset the glorious object. I will not spoil you the riddles any longer, as you will have to figure out the rest for yourself now. [PLAY]