Strawberry Jam 1: Treasure Chest #19

Screenshot of "fox flux"

“fox flux” by Lexy Munroe.

This puzzle platformer is lovely cheeky, has some nice transformation mechanics and possibly one of the best intros made for a jam game ever.

Screenshot of "purrrrfect pairs"

“purrrrfect pairs” by Mel Kim, Swetha Kannan & Nivetha Kannan.

A cattery simulation, where you must feed your kitties and keep them happy with toys. This way they will get hornier and have sex with their friends. That way you get new cat babies and thereby more guests for your cat café.

Screenshot of "distance"

“distance” by Carol Mertz.

A metapher for (long distance) relationships and how hard it can be to make compromises. Whenever you move right, your partner moves left. Bring them together before one of you fades away.