The Dream Arcade Archive: Clouds of Farfisa

“Clouds of Farfisa” by nilski & Lyskestrekk Records.

“Try [to] […] survive in the hazardous haze of Farfisa!”

With the beautifully strange music of Lyskestrekk Records, which evokes truly oneiric vibes, “Clouds of Farfisa” is one of the jam submissions for The Dream Arcade Archive that actually put me into a trance-like dreaming state. I felt like my focus was split in two entities: One side concentrated on the tunes, the other concentrated at what actually happened in the game.

You play as an orange-eyed monster on an enormous pink cloud. Your goal is to collect any objects you can find: Diamonds, coins, cakes and synthesizers. Very soon a group of dancers surrounds you. In a specific interval they will all move at the same time in the same direction, and if you are not careful enough, they might nudge you from the “Clouds of Farfisa”. In that case you will lose one of your two lifes. But they are not the only danger, as two gigantic snakes will appear and shoot poison right at you. If you get hit, you will lose a life as well.

These two ‘safety hazards’ are enough to make “Clouds of Farfisa” a very appealing jam game with a high replayability value. I tried it for at least thirty times in a row to finally make my way to the Top Ten of the online leaderboard. But even without this feature I would have given the game several plays for sure. So get groovy and go with the rhythm, my fellow dreaming treasure hunter. [PLAY]